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Original Air Date: May 19, 2015

DropBox for Gmail

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The process for sending large files via email can be time consuming or require your recipient to sign up for a special service.

If you use Gmail and Dropbox, today’s tip will help you leverage them together in new way that streamlines the process.

A recent update to the Dropbox for Gmail extension for the Chrome browser is making sharing large files with others, even if they don’t use Dropbox, a breeze.

By inserting links to the large files in an email message, you eliminate the time needed to upload the files for sharing to a special site or deal with the limitations on file sizes imposed by all email systems.

No need to create zip files or send one file at a time either, because you’re simply sending links directly to your Dropbox files.

You can even share entire folders or use the extension to quickly add files to your Dropbox account that are sent to via Gmail.

I’ve posted the link to the free extension at