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Original Air Date: May 22, 2015


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The Internet’s great at connecting people with similar interests or needs.

A website called Roomer is attempting to connect people looking for a hotel room with those that can’t use their reservations.

It’s kind of like a StubHub for hotel rooms.

They make it easy to list unused reservations, sell them to others that can use it and do all the work to transfer the reservation to the buyer.

I found the best deals in large cities and when you’re flexible on the dates you’ll stay.

For instance, I found a hotel room in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City for $76 a night that normally costs $170 a night as long as you’re able to stay the 6 nights of the original reservation.

Keep in mind, if you aren’t flexible with your dates, you won’t find as many great deals.

If you ever get stuck with a non-refundable hotel reservation you can’t use, see if Roomer can help you out at