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Original Air Date: May 28, 2015

One Today

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Helping charitable organizations out with a small donation shouldn’t only happen when we hear about horrible tragedies around the world.

That’s the perspective behind an awesome app called One Today that’s been put together by Google.

One Today profiles a different non-profit every day, explains their work and makes it easy to donate between one and ten dollars if you’d like to help.

You can also set up match donations to encourage your friends and family join in or use their Pay-it-Forward feature to build up the donation amount from a group.

As you decide to donate to various causes, you can wait to pay it in a lump sum and if it reaches $250, Google will email you a tax deduction certificate.

Helping others always makes you feel better and the One Today app makes it so easy to make a small difference.

Imagine the impact of a couple million people donating one dollar a day, nice work Google!

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