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Original Air Date: Jun 5, 2015

Are you being throttled?

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Are you being throttled? Wouldn’t you like to know if your Internet Service Provider is throttling your unlimited service package?

Several ISPs have been caught over the years lowering the bandwidth of customers on unlimited bandwidth packages once they’ve passed a certain level of usage.

Most people don’t realize it’s happening, but everything just seems to take a lot longer to load.

If you still have an unlimited data package for your smartphone, there’s an easy way to test your bandwidth to see if you’re being throttled.

Download the Ookla Speedtest app, do several speed tests at the beginning of your billing cycle and make note of the speeds.

Then, do the same tests towards the end of your billing cycle to see if the speeds are significantly slower, if they are, you’re probably being throttled!

What good is having an unlimited data plan if the data speeds are clamped down because you’re actually using it?

The link to download the testing app is at