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Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2015

Phishing Quiz

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Just about every major breach you hear about these days likely started with a sophisticated phishing scam. They just need to compromise one computer on a secured network to get started.

Phishing scams have become very sophisticated, so remember to always use the hover trick to help sniff them out.

Whenever a link is included in the message, simply hover your mouse pointer over the link to see where it will actually take you.

In some cases, the destination information may not pop up, so you may have to look at the bottom left corner of the program to see where the link is going to take you.

When the posted link doesn’t match what you see when you hover, consider it a phishing scam.

If you want to test your phishing scam detector skills, Intel Security has a phishing quiz site that will see if you can tell a legit message from a phishing scam.

I’ve got the link to the quiz posted at