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Original Air Date: Jul 8, 2015

iPhone Camera Tutorial

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Smartphone camera technology keeps getting better.

Apple has always excelled in this area and the iPhone 6 is certainly no exception when it comes to the quality of the optics.

Low lighting situations are generally the most difficult for most smartphones, but learning how to use some of the manual features can vastly improve the outcome.

If you always leave your camera in the auto mode, you’ll usually end up with a grainy image with no flash or a blown out image with the flash.

A 17-year old professional photographer has put together a very helpful site that shows how he uses an iPhone with a free app called VSCO Cam to capture images in various challenging lighting situations.

Each image shows which preset he used in the app and a brief description of what he was focusing on to get the shot.

If you’re interested in taking your smartphone photography to a new level, checkout the link that I have posted at