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Original Air Date: Mar 4, 2013

UChek Urine Testing App

Those precious bodily fluids of yours can reveal a lot about your health. Urine analysis, for example, can give you early warnings about liver or kidney problems. It can also tell you if your diet is on the wrong track, or if you're at risk for diabetes.

It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip.

Now, you can get a heads-up without peeing in a cup. That’s right, you can do a self check for these medical problems in the privacy of your own bathroom, with a smartphone in hand.

Enter Uchek, for iPhone and Android,  was introduced at the TED Conference. Uchek will reveal potential health issues in your urine, using nothing but commercially available test strips and a couple of smartphone snapshots.

Ucheck says... Everybody pees, and everybody carries a cellphone, so they figured they had to be able to do something with this.

Ucheck takes away the difficulty of self checking, you don’t have to guess what the colors mean.

This also brings down medical costs, because doctors will no longer need to buy expensive urine analysis machines and proprietary strips.

The app asks you to take a couple of shots of the strips at intervals of a few minutes. It then delivers the chemical composition of your pee, what that means, and how it is changing over time.

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