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Original Air Date: Jul 10, 2015


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Twitter is an excellent communication tool but if you’re tweeting at the wrong times, your posts won’t get much engagement.

There are a lot of resources that generally suggest the best times and days to post your tweets.

One researcher suggests that brands get better engagement on weekends, while another suggests that late weekdays are better.

General trends are all well and good, but you’re better off figuring out when your network is active for the best results.

A simple free resource for analyzing your network is at

By analyzing your actual followers and your past tweets, Tweriod can provide insight into when you’re likely to get the most exposure and the most real-time engagement.

It breaks it down by weekends, weekdays, Sundays and Mondays so you’ll no longer have to guess when it’s best to schedule your posts.

Tweeting without a strategy is why so many people give up on the network, so checkout for your best times to tweet!