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Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2015

Is it time to remove Flash?

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Adobe Flash has long been a target for hackers because new flaws are discovered on a regular basis and they know that many users don’t keep it updated regularly.

There have been 7 critical updates published in just the last 7 months; how many of them have you missed?

To add to the risk, sophisticated phishing scams are in circulation via social media and email, encouraging you to secure your computer by clicking on the update link.

There was a time when Flash was a pretty important tool if you wanted to play games and watch videos, but much of the Internet has moved away from it, so you may not really need it.

Uninstalling it will instantly improve the security of your computer, but may reduce functionality for some websites, so running a test first makes more sense.

I’ve posted instructions on how to figure out whether you really need flash any more along with the proper link to update the tool if you do at