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Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2015


As good as mapping apps are for getting us from point A to point B, they become a lot less useful when a physical address isn’t available.

For example, you can get to the park for a big festival, but once you’re there, using the mapping app to connect with your friends is pretty useless.

If you’re a hiker, trying to coordinate with others in the middle of nowhere can be a challenge, unless you know how to use longitude and latitude.

A company called What3Words is attempting to solve these location problems by converting geographic coordinates into 3 word addresses.

The What3Words app is a global grid of 57 million 3 by 3 meter squares with a unique 3 word address assigned to each square.

So instead of confusing numbers, directions or relying on visual landmarks, you can tell your friends to meet you at

It’s actually a pretty simple, but brilliant location addressing solution.

Learn all about it and download the free app at