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Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2013

Fitness For Kids With Rewards

If your kids spend more time in front of the screen than you want them to, you’ll want to listen to this Data Doctors Tech Tip.

Technology, hailed for its innovation and ability to organize our lives, has also been on the receiving end of some bad press when it comes to kids.

The Kaiser Foundation found that kids aged 8-18 spend an average of 7 and a half hours a day using a variety of media gadgets. Aside from time spent in school, that is nearly all of their waking hours. Who has time to exercise with all that screen time?

GeoPalz gives kids the motivation to get moving in a cute, kid-friendly fitness tracker. The more activity that kids log, the more points they’re able to accrue.

With GeoPalz, kids can earn points and redeem them for fun prizes that promote even more activity, like Frisbees, jump ropes, balls and more. Those who aim high can save their points for bigger rewards like a bike or skateboard.

While kids are using their GeoPalz, parents can use the company’s more mature fitness tracker for teens and adults called the iBitz. These “smart” pedometers sync to both Android and iOS apps via Bluetooth and monitor movement, and even additional health measures like weight, calories, steps taken and more, so the whole family can meet their fitness goals together.

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