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Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2015

Google’s Deep Dreamify App

A while back, Google created something they call DeepDream code as part of their artificial neural networks which they use to sort and categorize millions of images online.

An offshoot of this open source project has resulted in an amazing image manipulation app called Dreamify.

Dreamify takes anything I’ve ever seen in an image manipulation app to a new high...think Instagram filters on steroids.

The bizarre images that you can create from your own photos are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

It comes with 12 presets with descriptions like Dogify and Psychedelic Topography which can be tweaked to create the most otherworldly images from your ordinary images.

The finished photos can be kept private or shared with the Dreamify community, much like Instagram.

It’s the most unique creativity app I’ve seen in a long time and perfect for those wanting to create images for the upcoming Halloween season.

Dreamify is free and available for both iPhone and Android users in their associated app stores.