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Original Air Date: Dec 16, 2015

Adobe Premiere Clip Video App

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Download the MP3

Shooting video with your smartphone is a growing trend, especially with all of the easy ways to share it afterwards.

Most of you have lots of image editing apps for when you take pictures, but when it comes to video, it’s generally shoot and upload.

Video editing can seem overwhelming if you’ve never done it, but there’s a simple app that can dramatically improve the quality of your smartphone videos.

It’s called Adobe Premiere Clip and it’s pretty fantastic, because you don’t really have to know anything about video editing to use it.

Simply upload one or several video clips to the app and either choose the automatic mode to have it generate a video with a soundtrack or go freeform so you can trim, sequence and manually edit your video.

The learning curve is pretty short and it will make all your video posts much more interesting.

The Adobe Premiere Clip app is free and available for iPhone and Android users from the associated app stores.