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Original Air Date: Feb 2, 2016

Multiple Browser Troubleshooting Tip

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As we all spend more time on the Internet, those with malicious intent spend more time thinking of ways to target us.

Since your web browser is how you actually view information on the Internet, more of the attacks are focusing on exploiting them all.

It’s not unusual to have other problems with your browser from time to time either, so today’s tip will help you troubleshoot issues when they do happen.

Make sure you have at least two different browsers installed so you can quickly narrow down Internet related problems.

When you start experiencing issues, switch to the alternate browser to see if things clear up. If they do, you’ll know that some maintenance is in order such as clearing the browser cache or running a malware scan.

If they don’t change, your problem is more likely with the computer, router or Internet modem, which should all be reset.

Spending time chasing the wrong end of an Internet problem can be avoided with this simple troubleshooting process.