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Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2016

Word Cloud Generator

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Let’s start today’s tip with some geek speak: word cloud

The term word cloud refers to a visual representation of a large amount of text, with the most commonly used words in large fonts and highlighted colors.

Word clouds are an easy way to quickly pull useful themes in large bodies of text.

If you’re a retail business, for instance, you probably ask for feedback from your customers.

So in place of having to manually review each response, you can use a free online word cloud tool to see what your customers are saying.

One solid option is at because it gives you multiple options for displaying the data.

Just compile all your text into a single file; you don’t have to worry about the formatting.

You can also paste the text directly into the site’s generator, upload a file or document or even analyze the text on any website by using the URL.

Try it for yourself at TagCrowd, that’s T A G C R O W