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Original Air Date: Mar 2, 2016

Use Bidvoy to Buy & Sell Smarter

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The Internet makes it easy of sell just about anything you own through a plethora of websites.

Determining market prices for a car these days is made easy with sites like and, but what if you’re trying to sell toys, clothing, electronics or just about any other personal item?

You can try manually searching on popular sites like eBay or Craigslist but there’s a better way.

Whenever you need to determine a price for something that you want to sell or even buy, give an app called Bidvoy a shot.

Bidvoy gathers the data from hundreds of millions of transactions on eBay to help you determine a lot more than just the best price to buy or sell.

It also provides trending data, what the current price is if you were to buy it new and suggests the best time to sell or buy.

Even if you aren’t going to use eBay, this detailed data from this super popular online marketplace is really helpful.

No more wondering if you paid too much or listed it at too low of a price for just about anything you want to buy or sell.

The link to Bidvoy is posted at