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Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2016

Awesome Ambient Sounds

The proper levels of ambient noise can help creative cognition according to one research paper and I can tell you that I personally have to have some form of background sound when I’m writing.

Soft instrumental music works pretty well for me sometimes but when I really need to hunker down, I open up a website called A Soft Murmur to get into the zone.

A Soft Murmur has a host of ambient sounds that range from rain to ocean waves to crickets and traditional white noise.

You can choose which sounds you want and how loud you want each to be, to come up with the combination that best suits your mood and your productivity or creativity.

My current favorite is the sound of the ocean paired with a crackling fire with a side of chirping birds off in the distance.

It may also help you fall asleep!

You can experience the sounds via their website or on an Android app at