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Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2016

Tip for Extending Laptop Batteries

If you own a laptop and use it on a regular basis, the chances are pretty good that one of your biggest complaints is battery life.

It seems like the longer you’ve had it, the worse the battery life seems to be, which is because of the finite number of charging cycles that all rechargeable batteries are subject to.

One way to help extend the life of the battery is to remove it, when you know you’re going to be plugged into an AC outlet for an extended period of time.

Heat can have as much impact on your battery as charging cycles, so removing it when it isn’t needed will save it from excessive heat.

The battery, hard drive and CPU all generate heat and prolonged exposure to constant heat will take its toll.

If you decide to try this out, make sure the laptop is fully shutdown before removing the battery.

Remember, sleep and hibernate modes may make it look like the laptop is turned off, but it’s not the same as completely shut off.

Another thing to consider if you run in no-battery mode is plugging in to a battery backup unit just in case the power goes out!