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Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2016

Frontback Camera App

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Taking pictures of a group gathering is standard operating procedure these days, but that usually means whoever takes the picture is left out.

Asking a stranger to take the group shot can have mixed results because they didn’t hold still or didn’t compose the shot very well.

Some newer smartphones actually have an option to use both the front and back camera so the person taking the shot can be part of the fun.

If you don’t have this feature on your camera, checkout a free app called Frontback that’s available for both Android and iPhone users.

The Frontback app makes it simple to take pictures from the back and front cameras and combine them into a single image, which can lead to some pretty creative shots.

Selfie addicts will find this app indispensable for making sure they include themselves in every shot.

There’s even an entire online community sharing Frontback shots with each other; check it all out at