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Original Air Date: Jun 2, 2016

Awesome Spreadsheet Graphics

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For all you spreadsheet warriors out there, you know working with huge data sets can make for very complex and difficult analysis of the data.

Charts and graphs are a fantastic way to take an enormous amount of data and turn it into something much more digestible or understandable.

While the tools that are built-in for creating charts and graphs may get the job done, there are superior resources on the Internet if you really want to step up your game.

A free and open source option that’s one of my faves is called RAW.

It calls itself 'the missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics’ and it’s really cool.

To get started, you simply copy and paste or drag and drop files into the interface.

Once you chose the layout type, you can drag datasets to map your dimensions to the categories you want to use.

Once the basic data is in place, it allows you to customize what will become your visualization to fit your needs or your output format.

Once you’ve got it finalized, download it and use it any way you choose.

It’s pretty powerful stuff!

The link to RAW is posted at