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Original Air Date: Jul 12, 2016

Wireless Tags For Everything

IOT or the Internet of Things was certainly one of the spotlights at this past Consumer Electronics Show as inexpensive connected devices were being shown by many.

Wireless sensor tags in particular are interesting, because they allow for the monitoring of your location through motion, temperature and even humidity, not just video.

Many of these devices are really inexpensive which allows you to monitor everything from a garage door opening and closing to a refrigerator door’s movement so you can be alerted whenever the fridge is being raided.

These small sensors work with apps on your smartphone to alert you to just about anything that you’ll want to monitor in your home.

While motion sensing is helpful, monitoring things like moisture levels can alert you when you have a leak in real time.

The great thing about using sensors that monitor everything you care about, is that they range in price from only 20 to 70 dollars.

Wireless tags can really step up your home security so if you want to learn more, checkout