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Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2016

Killer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It’s summer time, which means you’ll be dancing in the streets or twisting by the pool with this tech tip.

If you’re like me, having music wherever you go is a must, so finding a Bluetooth speaker that fits my lifestyle is an ongoing pursuit and I’ve found a winner.

The Boom Swimmer waterproof speaker is without question my favorite audio gadget, because it’s extremely flexible in how you use it and it sounds great!

The Swimmer comes with a rubber tail that allows you to wrap it around anything to provide sound just about anywhere.

The possibilities are endless: shower heads,
handlebars, backpacks and the list goes on.

It also comes has an optional suction cup mount, so you can slap it on most flat surfaces which also serves to enhance the bass as well.

This awesome speaker isn’t just water resistant, it’s waterproof, so if it falls into the pool or gets soaked when someone does a gainer, it just keeps on booming.

For around $50, the Boom Swimmer Waterproof Speaker is a summer must have gadget for music lovers.