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Original Air Date: Aug 9, 2016

Excellent Travel Packing App

When you are packing for a trip, remembering to grab the right items is critical.

It’s frustrating to get to your destination and discover that you've forgotten essential things, like your bathing suit or an umbrella.

Well an app called PackPoint offers a solid way to reduce the forgotten items travel trauma, because it helps you pack based on what you are doing and where you are going.

You start by answering questions about your gender, destination, number of travel days and what you are planning to do.

It also gathers weather information for your destination and puts together a suggested packing list based on all the parameters.

Once the list is generated, you just scroll down and check the items that are important to you to create your own list, including reminders to take your mobile chargers, business cards and things like a VPN key-fob if it’s a business trip.

When the list is completed, you can share it via e-mail or copy and paste the items to any other program if needed.

PackPoint is available for both iPhone and Android smartphone users and it’s free!