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Original Air Date: Aug 23, 2016

Food Photography Tips

Food photography has both haters and lovers of this growing social media phenomenon.

If you’re a lover of this common act, there are a few things you should remember, especially if you’re in a restaurant.

The first thing is turn off the flash...not only is it an irritation to others around you, it’s going to distort the actual colors of the food and turning it into plastic food.

In low lighting situations, be sure you turn down the brightness of your screen as another courtesy and use a candle when possible to warmly light your dish.

Another big irritant to those around you is the shutter sound every time you take a picture, so silence that too.

The app you choose to take the shot can make a huge difference in the results, so instead of opting for the built-in picture app, give VSCO’s Cam app a try.

It’ll give you lots of editing options for low lighting images after you take the shot.

And remember, you’re there to enjoy the food, so posting your meal can wait until after you’ve eaten.