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Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2016

Which Cellular Carrier is the BEST?

All of the major wireless carriers are engaged in battle to try to win your business with various new sensational sounding offers just about every week.

But if the data and voice service and reliability in your neck of the woods is spotty, a sensational deal means nothing.

Before you decide to make the jump from one carrier to another, I’ve got a resource that will let you do your research.

You can evaluate all four of the major networks, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint where you live, work and travel at a website called

You start with the area you live in to get an overall performance rating for each carrier that includes reliability and speed indexes as well as data, call and text performance so you’ll know the strengths of each network where you’ll actually use them.

One of the best features of the site is the CoverageMap because you can get detailed maps of where the call quality is bad or good, where data is slow or fast and whether 4G LTE service is available from each carrier.

There’s also a mobile app which allows you to help build the performance database no matter where you are traveling.

I’v posted the all the Rootmetrics links at

Find your city reports:

Explore the Coverage Map:

Mobile apps: