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Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2013


It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip...

If you took a trip, you may have a bunch of photos and videos on your smartphone, perhaps you have a bunch on your camera too. You need to do something with them, we suggest you Animoto them.

Ani what them?

Animoto! that’s ani moto allows you to upload your favorite photos and videos (or grab them from wherever they’re stored online), add words and music and Animoto does the rest.

Animoto’s video engine will produce a high-definition video that you can share with friends and family by embedding it into your Facebook page or blog.

The free service limits you to 30-second, web-quality, online-only videos. They have a Plus plan that delivers full-length videos that you can also download or burn to DVD,

and there’s even a Pro plan that delivers unbranded videos, 2,000 commercially licensed music tracks, and more.

Instead of making a boring slideshow of your next trip, upload them to Animoto and share the fun with your friends.

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