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Original Air Date: Sep 5, 2016

Boosting Productivity with Sounds

Have you ever found yourself being a little more productive at a coffee shop than you are at your home or office cubical?

Is it the caffeinated water that's making you more productive or is it the ambiance?

Some research is suggesting that it’s possibly the ambient noise that can make you more productive or creative.

It turns out that really quiet environments or really loud surrounding can be counterproductive, which makes the background noise in your coffee shop just right.

Want to test out this theory out on your productivity without leaving your home or office? Well, there’s a website and an app for that!

A site called has created a simple way to replicate the ambient noise common in most coffee houses, cafeterias and campus cafes whenever you’re trying to be more productive.

If you find the website to be helpful, you can even download the app for Android or iPhone smartphones so you can take the sounds with you wherever you go.

Some users are enjoying Coffitivity as a way to drown out all the distractions in their work environment, although your mileage may vary!