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Package with Mystery Watch

Package with Mystery Watch
Original Air Date: February 16 2023
A watch arrived in the mail addressed to Christa Kent. It had no brand name, but the box looked legitimate. It was labeled simply “Smart Watch.” At the time, Kent says she thought it was a gift from a friend or relative. “It was kind of like a rose gold with a pink band, and I was like, ‘Perfect!’ You know, it kind of fits me. I don’t wear watches, but I thought I could try this out,” said Kent. After she charged the watch and turned it on, Kent says the watch did something odd. “So then all of a sudden it’s linking to my phone without me saying, ‘Go ahead and link to my phone,’” said Kent. At that point, she says she started calling friends and relatives to find out who sent the gift. Nobody she knew claimed credit. She looked up the address the package came from. It was close to Los Angeles International Airport. “It was like a customs drop-shipping place. And when I called the number, they didn’t answer. And I called several times. And it just rang and rang and rang and rang,” said Kent. (view full story)

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