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Is your smartphone spying on you?

Is your smartphone spying on you?
Original Air Date: January 18 2024
If you’ve ever wondered if your smartphone is spying on you, you’re not alone. “People want to know if their phone or maybe their device, is it spying on them?” On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked Ken Colburn, a tech expert and CEO of Data Doctors. “It’s pretty much guaranteed that whatever you have on your phone has some form of tracking,” Ken said, chuckling. “This notion that this device is going to be used the way we want and that we can control who’s doing what with our data and our apps, those days are long gone.” Ken tells On Your Side that you need to understand that any apps you choose to download are most likely spying and tracking. “The majority of these are not doing it for nefarious reasons but for marketing purposes like, ‘What does Gary Harper want this very moment?’ and they’ll try to deliver ads to you based on your behavioral activity or your location, and I mean all those things,” he explained. (view full story)

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