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Original Air Date: Oct 11, 2016

Visual Hacking Prevention

Have you ever been sitting in a public place using our laptop, tablet or smartphone and got the feeling that someone was snooping to see if they could get a peak at your screen?

There's so much personal information that can be captured by those around you if you're not careful; It even has its own name: Visual Hacking.

Whether it's the nosey person seated next to you on a long flight or the sketchy guy sitting behind you at a coffee shop, there's something simple you can do to protect yourself.

Install a privacy screen, which have been around for a long time for computers and now they're available for tablets and smartphones too.

They obscure your display for anyone that not looking directly at it, so those off to the sides will only see a darkened screen.

On tablets and smartphones, in addition to providing privacy, they add extra screen protection for the glass.

They are really simple to install as well as to remove, so anyone that spends a lot of time operating their gadgets in open public areas should checkout the link I’ve posted at