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Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2016

Flashlight Life Hack

Our smartphones have become pretty handy whenever we need a flashlight because we always have them with us.

They’re especially useful when you need to shine light in a specific area, but there are times when using it more like a lantern would provide better light and make them even more useful.

There’s actually a pretty simple way to turn the LED on your smartphone into a lantern when you need a more dispersed light from it.

All it takes is a rubber band and a plastic water bottle that’s full for the magic to happen.

Simply place your smartphone next to the bottle with the light facing into the bottle and use the rubber band to make keep it in place.

It’s works best if you remove the label from the bottle, but if you don’t, make sure to avoid placing the light on the label.

It’s a handy life hack for campers, when you need to lead a group of people in the dark or in any situation where you’re in need of widespread light at night.

MacGyver’s not the only one that can take common items and turn them into something completely awesome!