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Original Air Date: Nov 1, 2016

Airplane Wifi Hotspot Trick

Using wi-fi on an airplane has become commonplace with just about every airline offering this convenience, which is especially useful on long flights.

Because everyone on the flight is sharing the same data connection, it’s not going to be the fastest thing you’ll ever use, but when you need it, it’s better than nothing.

Most of us travel with multiple devices that you’d sometimes like to connect at the same time, but it's not worth paying extra for each device.

When those situations arise, don’t forget that your laptop computer can be turned into a wifi hotspot, which would allow you to share that expensive connection connection with your other devices.

Both Windows and MacOS computers can be setup using Internet sharing options that allow you to connect your smartphone, tablet or any other device to the same connection.

It’s helpful anywhere you might get charged by the device for Internet access, such as a hotel.

If you’re a Windows user and find the built-in option a bit too complicated, checkout an app called Connectify Hotspot which can make it much easier.

The links to instructions for both Mac and Windows are posted at

Mac -

Windows -

Connectify Hotspot -