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Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2016

Avoid Links in Comment Spam

It’s common knowledge that phishing scams and general spam are widely used by hackers to set traps in order to exploit their victims.

Most of us have our guard up when it comes to catching these tricks in e-mail, but it's not the only place where you are likely to run into these traps.

An approach commonly known as ‘comment spam’ has been growing in popularity for a while and it’s getting worse.

In the beginning, it was pretty east to spot the posts about working from home or other out of context messages, but the bad guys are getting more clever.

When breaking news stories hit the internet or any social media or news sites, comments from users around the world is sure to follow.

You may see posts that seem to be making a good point with links to learn more, so you need to be just as suspicious as you are with links in email messages.

Even when you are convinced that a comment is legit, avoid clicking on the link. Instead, do your own manual Google search for the posted information as a precaution to this new form of trickery.