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Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2016

Honey Add-On Saves You Money

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If you're holiday shopping is going to be online this year, I've got a tip that will save you both time and money!

We all know how much a coupon code can save you money, but you have to find the right code for items you want.

Websites such as can make it easier to search for coupon codes, but often times the codes may be no good which can turn into a major waste of time.

I've got a much easier suggestion for saving money and it's free and's a browser add on called Honey.

Once you install it in your browser, Honey will automatically search for and apply coupon codes whenever they are available without ever having to the leave the web page you're shopping in.

A greyed out H is the Honey icon which appears in the upper right corner of any browser that it's added to.

Then whenever you are shopping at a site where Honey knows of special deals, the H icon turns orange to let you know.

Add the Honey plug-in to any major browser so you can start shopping smarter faster at!