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Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2016

Battery Charger Warning!

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It’s highly unlikely by now that haven’t heard about the controversy surrounding hover boards as they have been exploding and catching fire around the globe.

The most likely reason is that cheap Chinese manufacturers are using shoddy assembly processes with untested products and dumping them on the world markets in hopes of cashing in on a hot fad.

Mismatched charging systems coupled with lithium ion batteries is a recipe for disaster and that appears to be the primary reason these hover boards are exploding.

The lesson you can learn from this situation actually applies to every device you charge with a lithium ion battery: make absolutely sure you are using the proper charger.

We constantly see damaged laptops with a number of problems because the owner purchased a cheap what claimed to be a 'universal charger' when the original charger went bad.

Mismatched chargers can cause both overheating and a shortening of overall battery life.

Should you ever detect excessive heat or bulging on any of your batteries, especially while you’re charging it, you should discontinue using them and have them inspected or replaced.