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Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2013

Finding The Best (Anything) Online

There are a countless places online to find the best tech this, or gadget that. But what if you’re looking for the right school, the best car, or what adoption agency to use?

It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip.

When you’re searching for real answers, start and end your search on and find the best of whatever you’re looking for. gives you unbiased, data driven, comparisons.

FindTheBest is organized into 9 broad categories. Each category has dozens of comparisons on just about any product or service. They collect the data and let you filter, sort, visualize, and compare side-by-side by what matters to you.

If you have a kid going off to college soon, find the one with the best program for his or her intended major. You can see data on how many graduates they have, cost of tuition, how they rank against other schools, or more specifically, against a school known for similar studies.

So where do they get their info from? Find the best uses 3 sources. Public databases, primary sources (like manufacturer websites) and expert sources.

Next time when you’re trying to find the best, don’t ask your friends, find the best from the experts at

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