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Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2013

A Knot Standard Tech Tip

It’s time for a Knot Standard Data Doctors Tech Tip.

We did say knot standard because seldom will you find the Data Doctors... talking about fashion. But that’s about to change.

Knot standard dot com... that’s KNOT Standard dot com is a men’s tailor unlike any you’ve ever heard of before.

When you go to the Knot Standard website, you can order a custom tailored suit right over the internet. What? How is that even possible?

First you pick your suits fabric and style. They have a wide selection online with customization options to have it made the way you want. NOW... This is where the tech comes in, and it’s pretty slick.

Using the webcam on your computer, and a CD or DVD for scale, the Knot Standard site measures you front and side, in about 15 minutes. Then, it turns those measurements into a model with your actual, and highly accurate measurements.

Because these suits are cut from one piece of fabric and hand sewn to exacting measurements, your suit takes time compared to an off the rack or made to measure suit. Your Knot Standard suit arrives ready to wear at your door in a about 3-4 weeks.

We told you this was a Knot Standard tech tip.

Want to check out a suit for yourself, go to knot standards website at KNOT

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