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Original Air Date: Dec 21, 2016

Virtual Book Clubs

No matter how much you love technology, IMHO nothing compares to curling up to a good book on a porch swing on a lazy afternoon.

No matter what topics you prefer; business, self-help, history, science or fiction, learning about great books from others is always a good way to make decisions.

While Amazon can be a great at recommending new books based on what you've already read, a website called offers another way to discover new books.

Not only do you get great suggestions because of what you’ve read, you can also connect with your bookworm friends to learn what they don’t like and more importantly what they do like.

It’s kind of like a virtual library that makes discovering great books much easier than wandering the aisles of a traditional bookstore.

The site lets you create queues of the books you’ve read, the ones you’re currently reading and the an book that you want to read.

Goodreads works really well if you can get a group of avid readers to join in as sort of a virtual but private book club.

Hardcore bookworms you can also start or join discussion groups that can be private or public.

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