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Original Air Date: Dec 30, 2016

Warning About Infection Warnings!

Another new type of pop-up security scam is catching a lot of people off guard because of their authentic looking warning screens.

You will get a pop-up screen that tries to lock down your browser, then warn you that you have been massively infected and that you should call the toll free number posted immediately so a security expert can assist you.

Mac users should know that this type of scam is not limited to Windows, as Mac versions of the scam are also being planted around the Internet.

The scam-artists encode malicious links and post them via hijacked social media accounts, compromised email accounts and as spam in the comments section of many popular websites.

Here’s something to remember; none of the legitimate Internet security companies will ever post any toll-free numbers as your first course of action, because none of them want you to ever call them if they can avoid it.

Solid security programs should be able to block known attacks and malicious websites and limit infection detection to scheduled or manual scanning processes.

None of them will ever pop-up their toll-free number so now you know it’s always a huge red flag.