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Original Air Date: Jan 9, 2017

Video Transfer App

Our smartphones have incredible cameras built-in that can generate super-high resolution pictures and beautiful HD video.

The by-product of this amazing technology is that it creates huge files, especially when you shoot a video.

When you try to send or post high-res videos via e-mail or social media, they automatically get compressed, which lowers the video quality.

If you ever need to share your high-resolution or HD videos in all their uncompressed glory, look into an app called WeTransfer.

WeTransfer is an easy to use and totally free method of sending files up to 10 GBs in size right from your smartphone to anyone via an e-mailed link.

The app works on iOS and Android smartphones, with Android users getting the integration option in any app with the Share icon.

Unlike other transfer services, your friends don’t have to create an account or download an app; they simply click the download button in your email to download your original uncompressed image and video files.

Checkout the free app for yourself at