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Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2017

Awesome iPad Trick!

I’m a huge fan of dual displays on my computer and couldn’t even begin to imagine functioning without them.

But, when I hit the road and want the extra display space, it isn’t very practical to carry around a second display, unless that second screen is an iPad I already have.

Users of MacBooks have been able to tether their iPads to their laptops for a while, but Windows users can now do the same thing thanks to an app called Duet Display.

By loading Duet on any laptop or desktop and the app on an iPad, you can easily expand your display to your iPad as an extension of your primary screen.

Once you set it up, you simply drag any program from your desktop over to your iPad, which is super helpful when you’re working on a large spreadsheet or do a lot of copy/paste tasks.

Duet works with both Mac or Windows-based computers and extends via iPads or iPhones as long as they are connected via the charge cable.

If you have yet to experience the wonder of having dual screens, give this excellent app a try.

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