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Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2017

Coding For Kids!

A relatively new mother recently asked me about preparing her young child with tech skills to improve his future prospects when the time comes.

IMHO, one of the most important things you can teach any child is how to write code as it will serve them well no matter what they decide to do as a career.

It's not just programmers, web developers or scientists that benefit from knowing how to code; it impacts virtually any line of work these days.

It is such a fundamentally useful skill set that will allow anyone with this 'second language' to leverage the exploding digital world all around us.

One of the best places for parents to get their kids started in the world of coding is at MIT’s Scratch project

The Scratch Project website will allow kids age 8 to 16 to create their own interactive games, stories & animations.

It's easy to use and fun, so it helps anyone learn to think creatively, use systematic reasoning and to collaborate, which are essential skills for life in this digital world.

BTW, it's not just for kids, so check out this amazing free tool at