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Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2017

Getting a Human Helper

We all, from time to time, need to get hold of the customer service department at a large companies, either to clear up a billing question or for support on something that we bought.

In some cases the toll-free phone number is easy to find, but more often then not, the company is going to great lengths to hide the phone numbers.

If you try to use Google to find the proper phone number, it can expose you to a variety of scams, so I’ve got a suggestion that's much safer:

GetHuman is a website with a comprehensive list of the various ways to get in contact with major companies including everything from phone numbers to e-mail addresses, Twitter handles and even live chat options if they exist.

We aren't talking about just one phone number, but every phone number for every department that the site knows about that provides some type customer service purpose.

They may even be able to give you average wait times to get to an actual human, in some cases. is a great resource for many customer service shortcuts.

Tomorrow's tip will help you avoid waiting on hold!