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Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2017

Critical Security Tip

I’m constantly reminding everyone I meet that one of the best security measured anyone can take is to turn on 2-factor authentication for all of their online accounts.

It creates an extra layer of cyber-protection that is really hard to beat.

2-factor authentication is actually something you've used on a regular basis for years.

A great example is your debit card because you have to have both the actual bank card and the PIN that’s associated with it.

Can you imagine having a debit card that did not require a PIN to use? Well, it's essentially what your doing with your online accounts if you haven't turned on 2-factor authentication.

Once you tun it on, if a hacker manages to steal your username and password, they would also have to steal your smartphone at the same time in order to actually get into your account.

As an additional benefit, it will become your early warning system should someone ever acquire your username and password because you’ll get a text passcode out of the blue.

Virtually every online service is now offering this important layer of security, so if you want if you want step-by-step instructions for most major sites, I’ve posted the link at