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Original Air Date: Feb 3, 2017

What's Taking Up All That Space?

Think of your PC’s hard drive as a refrigerator, which no matter how big the storage, you will eventually fill it up.

And just as with your frig,tossing out the unneeded items is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new one.

The problem for most attempting a cleanup is that they don’t know what’s taking up the space, so they don’t know what to uninstall or delete.

First off, uninstalling unused programs is a good start, and if you have a bunch of videos or a huge music library that you no longer need, those are huge space hogs.

If you are a user of Windows, you can make it a lot easier to see whats what with a free program called TreeSize.

With Windows, the storage structure is referred to as a tree and each folder is like a branch. TreeSize will show you how much space is taken by each folder so you'll have a good idea where the space hogs reside.

But Be Careful: You shouldn’t ever delete anything unless you know exactly what it is and be sure you have a complete and verified backup before attempting to clean up your hard drive.