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Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2017

Protecting Your Whole House

There is a vital process to surfing the Internet known as DNS that plays a critical role in directing you to the sites type in your browser.

DNS which stands for Domain Name System acts kind of like a traffic cop providing your computer with directions to the sites you want to visit.

The DNS setting is usually determined by your ISP, but changing from your defaults can have several major benefits.

Not only can you increase the reliability & your speeds but if you are a parent, you can easily block adult content or malicious sites for your entire household.

A really great free service called OpenDNS is fast, very reliable, easy to get setup and it gives you complete filtering control over everything that connects to your home network.

It’s as simple as changing the DNS settings in your router and every device in your home will have improved performance and be better protected.

The link to the free versions of OpenDNS are posted at