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Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2017

Parental Control of iPads & iPhones

Apple's iPad and iPhone have become popular devices in many homes with young children, so managing what can be done with them is important.

There are some pretty solid parental controls built-in, but if you’re looking for more extensive controls, check out an app from Intego called Family Protector.

It provides parents with more control over what & when your child uses on an iPad or iPhone, and can be managed and monitored remotely.

It allows you to block in-app purchases, adult websites, disable the camera or FaceTime and it creates logs to make sure you'll know exactly where they’re going online.

You can even automatically lock devices when it's mealtime or bedtime to eliminate distractions.

With older kids, you can lock down the devices remotely until your child checks back with you when they are unresponsive.

You can check out the system for 14 days and if you like it, it will cost run $5 a month for up to 15 devices at