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Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2017

Meeting Halfway

How many times have you wanted to meet someone at a mutually convenient place because you both are kind of far apart?

For those familiar with the general area, you may be able to figure a location out, but those that aren’t can waste a lot of time and energy trying to choose a place to meet.

The next time you have this problem, there’s a website and an app for that! Android smartphone users can download an app called Meet Me Halfway.

With the app, you put the two starting points in and the general halfway point will be shown with various possibilities for a meeting place.

The app can use addresses, just zip codes or the city to generate results and when you tap on the various pins, it will tell you if the location is currently open or closed.

You can also filter the results for specific categories of locations which allows you to zero in on your preferred type of meeting place.

For more details on any location, you just open the location in Google Maps and you can share the location with the other party.

The website option is at and it'll works on computers or mobile devices.

Android App: