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Original Air Date: May 3, 2017

Smartphone Keyboard Alternatives

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If you're like me and find that you're using a smartphone for productivity tasks these days, you have probably already realized the biggest bottleneck: the keyboard.

While today's on-screen keyboards are great, they can be a bit of a challenge even for those with small hands when trying to type a large amount of text.

An alternative that's effective is using the voice recognition option as an input, but so many of us are still too keyboard concentric.

If you have to type a lot of text or work within a spreadsheet, a full-size keyboard is just more useful, so you can make it so!

Most tablet users are already familiar with connecting a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to their large devices, but haven’t thought about connecting it to their phones.

The setup process is much the same as with all Bluetooth devices, so it is easy to get connected.

Virtually any Bluetooth keyboard has the ability to attach to any mobile device, so if you've already bought one for another device, now you know you can use it on your smartphone as well!