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Original Air Date: May 4, 2017

Visual Hacking Prevention

Most of us have been in a public setting working on our laptops, tablets or smartphones with the creepy feeling that someone may be snooping to see what you have displayed on your screen.

Lot's of sensitive information can be seen by nosey people nearby if we aren’t careful; it even has a name: Visual Hacking.

Whether you are dealing with a nosey passenger sitting right next to you on an airplane or the questionable guy sitting behind you at a coffee shop, there's something you can do to protect yourself.

They're called 'privacy screens' and they've been around for a long time to protect your laptop, tablet or smartphone from snooping eyes.

The way they work is by darkening your display unless you are directly in front of it, keeping those off to your sides in the dark.

When it comes to your portable devices, they also provide an extra layer of screen protection for your glass in case you drop it.

They are simple to put on and remove, so if you're one of the millions that spends tons of time working with your tech in public spaces, take a look at 3M’s protectors which I've linked to at